About us


JC-MinSTech is a dedicated company that seeks to provide trusted and reliable essential technical services and solutions to the mining industry.
JCM provides outsourced mineral testing services to both mining production and exploration companies by helping the client to setup and operate in-house laboratories with small budgets. We adopt the Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) approach, where JCM will provide the lab design, supply, and install equipment, develop methods, and train local personnel to operate the lab.
We provide sample preparation solutions to both early and advanced stage exploration companies. Our main goal is to implement system that can reduce large sample sizes collected in the field before they are shipped to final assay facilities. This strategy is a huge cost-saving measure because the amount involved in shipping bulk samples to testing laboratories which are usually located in distant regions is very high.
We source and supply a wide range of products to our customers across Western Africa and beyond. Our products range from supply of laboratory equipment, spares & consumables to mineral processing equipment and pilot plants.

Principal Services

1. Mineral testing laboratory outsourcing and management.
2. Ore characterization for plant design and optimization.
3. Design, setup and commissioning of mineral testing laboratories.
4. Design, setup and commissioning of environmental testing and monitoring laboratories.
5. Quality and quantity inspections of stockpiles and shipment cargos.
6. Laboratory Audits.
7. Laboratory method development and validation.
8.Quality Management Systems development and implementation.
9. ISO17025 Accreditation.
10. Training on mineral testing laboratory management and operations.

Our Team

JC-MinsTech has a pool of experienced staff with extensive expertise in mineral engineering, chemical engineering, process engineering, chemistry, quality control, environmental sciences, mineral testing etc. who are dedicated to ensuring client projects are executed with the highest standards of professionalism and within timelines and budgets.

Our Values

JC-MinSTech operations hinge on the E-SMART values system, which ensures the best and satisfactory services and goods are delivered to meet the customer’s expectations and requirements.
1. Excellent Service: We deliver top quality services to our customers. Customer satisfaction is our hallmark.
2. Safety: The safety of our employees is topmost priority and we strive to deliver our goods and service in compliance with the highest safety regulatory standard requirement.
3. Mutual Respect: We maintain cordial relationship with both clients and customers as well as working colleagues.
4. Accountability: We are responsible for all promises we make, so we ensure we fulfil every undertaking.
5. Reliability: We deliver what we promise on timely basis and we are always available to attend to the needs of our customers.
6. Trust: We understand the value of trust in the delivery of goods and services, so we endeavour to act in good faith, honesty and fairness with our customers.

Our Locations

West Africa - Ghana

Kintampo, Bono East
Tel: +233 243 019 491
Email: info@jcminstech.com
HSE No. XD0618, New PTC.

Asia - India

Osman Nagar, Tellapur
Hyderabad 502032
Telangana, India
Tel: 7993970488
Email: satish.m@jcminstech.com
Flat No. B805, Indus Crest Apartment Complex


WEBSITE: www.jcminstech.com
EMAIL: info@jcminstech.com